What we offer

Enterprise Software. Advanced Web. Mobile Apps.


A diverse business experience, experience of working with clients from various fields and a technologically sophisticated team make us the best choice when it comes to implementing custom-made IT solutions for clients with even the most specialised requirements. We can analyze your business needs, translate them into the language of technology and design and implement a solution perfectly suited to your needs.

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Web Development

We specialize in websites with enhanced content editing, newsletters with commercial offers, advanced calculators and other modules or functions, specific to our Clients' business.

Our software house is full of web and mobile specialists. We build user friendly web & mobile applications and on-line systems based on scalable solutions.

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Mobile Apps

We create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, native and with Xamarin. We care deeply about perfecting both the visual and the functional aspect of every application.

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Graphics Design

We know that the visual aspect of an application is as important as its functionality.

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our way

Project Management - Agile Methodology

SCRUM methodology allows us to deliver and constantly adapt product
to dynamically respond to your needs.


our rules

  Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools

  Working software over Comprehensive documentation

  Customer collaboration over Contract negotiation

  Responding to change over Following a plan